Taiteilijan nimi: Bo Dean
Syntymäpäivä: 1 Tammikuu 1980♑ Kauris
Ammatti: Porn Star
Alkuperämaa: California, USA
Etnisyys: Caucasian - American
Silmien väri: Brown
Hiusten väri: Brown
Pituus: 173
Paino: 89
Penis: 22 cm Ympärileikattu
Vartalon karvoitus: Smooth
Tatuointeja: Left arm sleeve; lower abdomen; right bicep and forearm
Lävistykset: No
Ruumiinrakenne: Toned
Seksirooli: Aktiivinen
Ekstra Muscled stud Bo Dean has perfect abs and a string of gay porn appearances under his belt, making his name with Jake Cruise and his Cocksure Men outfit before branching out to work with other studios. Hung, tattooed and handsome, he's a fine top who worked in construction before getting into the XXX business. He's allegedly gay for pay but sure knows how to suck cock!

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